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Find out what WACL members think about the club, our purpose and the work that WACL does in the industry.

Zoe Howorth

Hofmeister UK, Board Director

What a fabulous bunch of super friendly, fun , inspiring women. I joined this club as Marketing Director Coca-Cola , I then took a sabbatical and I am now back with a smaller business,  WACL ladies have been there at every step to share the dramas, the challenges and the highlights with me. I look forward to many more years, nurturing young talent in our industry, offering advice to fellow WACLers and having a great time.

Zoë Osmond

London Tech Week (Informa plc), Festival Director

There is nothing quite like WACL. Its influence and the mutual support of its members is quite astonishing. I only have the highest regards for what it achieves and the people that you meet through its membership base.

Zoe Morgan

Non-Executive Director

As a member since 2001 WACL has been a constant source of support, inspiration, friendship and fun. I am not a club person but WACL is unique and it is a privilege to be a member.

Yvonne Adam

Youngs Seafood Ltd, Marketing Director

WACL is a fantastic club - the training & social events are not to be missed. The calibre of the speakers & the nature of the debate is always very thought provoking & entertaining.

Helen Warren-Piper


Victoria Fox


I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass — Maya Angelou

Vanessa Clifford

Newsworks, Chief Executive

Syl Saller

DIAGEO, Chief Marketing Officer

Wacl is an amazing organisation. Women coming together in support of other women creates a very special environment. The members are always fun, interesting, and honest. I've gotten so much out of the club over the years.

Fiona Stewart

Savills (UK) Limited, Director, International Marketing

WACL is a great organisation full of talented women. Intellectually challenging, emotionally and professionally supportive. It's an honour to be a member.

Sarah Speake

Truphone, Global CMO

I feel honoured to be part of such a special group of inspirational, talented, funny & fun women! The sense of camaraderie across WACL is unrivalled.

Dame Cilla Snowball

Group CEO & Group Chairman AMV BBDO

The club's been going for 80 years and when you look back at the wonderful women who have been members, you follow in great humility in an industry that has changed massively.

Sharon Baylay

Various Publicly Listed and Private Companies, Non-Executive Chairman and Non-Executive Director

WACL and it's members have been inspirational to me over the course of the last few of years, and I have found the organisation to be hugely supportive of me through some significant life and career changes. I hope that I may be of equal support to my colleagues in WACL in the future.

Sarah Golding

The&Partnership London, CEO and Partner

WACL suddenly puts you in contact with wise and sassy women who have done things you wish you had or would like to do. Women who are as happy to share their experiences, good and bad, as they are their lip gloss.

Caitlin Ryan

Facebook, Regional Creative Director EMEA

Ruth Mortimer

Centaur Marketing, Festival director/Content director

Unlike Groucho Marx, I am only interested in clubs that will have me as a member. And I'm exceptionally proud to be a member of WACL.

Ros Todd

The most valuable asset during my working life.

Rosie Arnold

BBH, Deputy executive Creative Director

There is something incredibly warm, supportive and encouraging about being part of WACL. Loads of great spirited women who are excellent at their jobs and SUCH fun!

Roisin Donnelly

Portfolio, Non Executive Director

I am a member of other clubs and industry bodies but there is something absolutely unique about WACL. It is a network of extraordinary women who have achieved incredible things in their careers and their personal lives. But they are always ready and willing to listen empathetically to any problem big or small and to share honestly and openly their personal experience and advice. I am very proud to be a member of such an extraordinary club.

Philippa Snare

Facebook, CMO EMEA

"Be the change you want to see in others" ... totally not mine, but totally how I live.

Pippa Glucklich

Dentsu Aegis, CEO, Amplifi UK

Philippa Brown


I’ve met some wonderful ladies through WACL who have been so supportive, inspirational and fun. I believe that Gather is one of the best events that exists for young business women in the industry

Nina Jasinski

Ogilvy UK, Chief Marketing Officer

WACL is simultaneously both my inspiration & my support network!

Nikki Crumpton

Mother London, Strategist

As a women in a highly competitive industry WACL provides an oasis of generosity and nurturing that makes it an invaluable and important organisation if we are to hold on to future female talent.

Nicola Mendelsohn

Facebook, VP EMEA

120 women, lots of opinions, lots of learning, lots of support and lots of fun! I love it!

Nicki Hare

Blue 449, Global Head of Marketing and Culture (and founding Director)

Miranda Kennett

The Kennett Consultancy, Founder

WACL has evolved from an exclusive dining club into a dynamic organisation that supports and entertains its members, fosters female talent throughout the communications industry and makes a significant contribution to worthwhile charities.

Mihai Gheorghe

MihaiCode, Web Administrator

Marion Pitman

The ethos and ethic of the Club is based on steadfast friendships which I have always valued very highly, and continue to do so.

Marie Oldham

VCCP Media, Chief Strategy Officer

WACL is beyond a network of great women, it is a force for good, a force for change and it has had measurable impact upon our industry.

Lyndy Payne CBE


Louise Ainsworth

Kantar Millward Brown, CEO, UK

I feel privileged to be invited to join this group of feisty high achieving women, who form a uniquely supportive and engaging network.

Elizabeth Nelson

Archive of Market and Social Research, Chairman

i have belonged to several networks but WACL is the most supportive of its members.

Liz Jones

Dentsu Aegis Network, CEO B2B

Lisa Thomas

Virgin Management, Managing Director Virgin Enterprises Limited

Being part of WACL is not only being part of a very special group of supportive women it also about giving back. We care passionately about nurturing and developing young female talent, ensuring that the next generation has as much support as we can give them to thrive in the business environment.

Lindsey Clay

Thinkbox, CEO

WACL is quite simply the best club to belong to in London: a network of brilliant, successful women who support each other, inspire and encourage younger women in the industry and raise huge amounts of money for charity. I'm honoured to be a member and proud of what we do.

Lindsay Pattison

GroupM & WPP, Chief Transformation Officer

I was delighted to join the WACL club (June 2010) having been the guest of other members over the years and am now Vice President for Jennelle. In my first year I joined the Xmas Ball committee which immediately introduced me to some great WACL friends and last year (2012) I chaired the committee and am incredibly proud of the (hard, but fun) work my fab committee did to raise funds for our two charities. I love the club and you really get out what you put in..

Linda Smith

Centaur Media plc, COO

Smart, funny and empathetic women. What's not to like ?

Leigh Thomas

Facebook, Director. Global Partnerships

WACL is a game changer. It has chased gender equality during some very unequal times, and always supports women in circumstances where they need to be more than equal. I have relished the professional support, the fun and friendship over the years.

Kerry Glazer


Kate Marber


WACL friends have remained a life line and continuity with the UK.

Karen Fraser MBE

Advertising Association, Director

WACL is full of witty, warm, welcoming and wonderful women. I've loved to getting to know more WACLers, being involved with the club, and inspiring other women in our industry.

Judie Lannon

Judie Lannon Consultancy, Marketing Communications Consultant

The gift that keeps on giving

Joanne Parker

Chime, COO

An inspiring, empowering and generous group of women that I feel priviledged to be a part of.

Jo Hagger

Possible, Managing Director

I feel incredibly lucky to be a member of WACL and have met such wonderful women (and men!) via the club, as well as getting to lead and take part in some fantastic & worthwhile events.    Excited about what 2017 brings and Kerry Glazer's forthcoming presidency.

Jill Schnura

WACL Ltd, Financial Administrator

Jane Wakely

MARS Global chocolate, CMO

I love the honesty, integrity and support within the club. The insights I have been lucky enough to glean from other WACL members have been invaluable and the friendships enriching and what's more - great fun! To be recommended.

Jackie Stevenson

The Brooklyn Brothers, Founding Partner

WACL women are totally unique - super bright, wickedly funny with some of the biggest hearts you'll ever meet and always there for each other. There really is no other club like WACL.

Ita Murphy

News UK, Category Strategy Director

It's a great place to share and learn in a trusting and supportive environment

Rita Clifton CBE

BrandCap, Portfolio Director and Chairman

There is no peer group pressure. There's none of that corporate stuff going on. You just get together, it's very supportive and you have a great time.

Ida Rezvani

Ogilvy, WPP Global Client Leader, Team IHG

WACL is full of amazing, inspiring, over achieving women. It's an honor to be a member.

Helen Calcraft

Lucky Generals, Founding Partner

WACL isn't just a club. It's a family of supportive, inspirational, stimulating people who are all for one and one for all. If the phone rings and it's someone from WACL, our natural and immediate response is to say "what can I do to help?". The WACL spirit is energetic, generous and ambitious for us all to be the best we can be. Best of all, it's bloody good fun.

Gayle Tait

Google, Director of Global retail partnerships, Google Play

WACL has been a source of inspiration, professional guidance and most of all, friendship. Being part of a group of women working together to support each other, and up and coming women in our industry, has been rewarding in ways too numerous to list.

Ros King

Lloyds Banking Group, Director of Marketing Communications

(Borrowed from David Ogilvy) Hire Giants

Fiona Parashar

Leadership Coaching Ltd, Director

I love the mix of stimulus and inspiration from the training events & speaker dinners combined with the great fun and gusto that comes from women working together to do good for others.

Elizabeth Fagan

Boots, Senior Vice President, Managing Director

WACL is great fun. It creates loads of opportunities for many interesting, bright and energetic women. WACL is great to meet and to learn from each other and it is committed to helping younger women in the business through sharing experiences with them.

Deborah Mattinson

Britain Thinks, Director

Great women, great networking, great fun

Dame Dianne Thompson

WACL is a fantastic organisation. It can be very lonely being a senior woman particularly in an area where there aren't any other women around. I think WACL provides a great support service.

Debbie Morrison

ISBA, Director of Consultancy & Best Practice

There is nothing quite like the close support and friendship of girlfriends and WACL delivers this in spades. Combining some of the nicest people I know in the industry with fund raising for charity, encouraging and supporting young women to reach for the stars in their careers, amazing and inspiring speakers, fabulous dinners and super great networking, who wouldn't want to be a member of this worthy and great ladies club.

Debbie Klein

The Engine Group, Chief Executive of Engine Europe & Asia Pacific

WACL is such an inspiring, giving and supportive club, as well as being great fun. I'm very proud of the commitment within the club to help younger women in our industry.

Dawn Airey

Getty Images, CEO

Women, Alcohol, Company, Laughter.

Diana Tickell

NABS, Chief Executive, NABS

It's the only thing I've ever joined that really treats you like a friend rather than a member. I felt like I was given a big warm "Bear hug" by WACL. Loving the 30% initiative.

Charlotte Oades

Coca-Cola, Vice President & Global Director, Women's Economic Empowerment

WACL is an incredibly supportive network of fellow professionals, who never fail to organise insightful, stimulating and entertaining events!...and everyone gives generously of their time to help others.

Claudine Collins

MediaCom, Managing Director UK

I love WACL. Women should support other women in business and WACL is like a warm pair of arms wrapped around you whenever you need it. The women in wacl are caring, kind, clever, supportive and generous with their time. I couldn't imagine not being part of such a fantastic club.

Christine Walker

Walker Media, Ex - Chairman

It provides a terrific platform to discuss business issues. People are very giving of their business experiences.

Cindy Yendell

Unspun, Chief Executive

Dame Carolyn McCall

ITV plc, CEO

WACL provides a wonderful forum for discussion and an amazing network of support. It is also very serious about helping younger women in the business.

Caroline McDevitt

Sun Tzu Associates, Management Consultant

WACL members embody the very spirit of the media industry, big hearted, full of dynamism, energy and all out great fun!

Carol Fisher

WACL is simply unique. I know of no other club where such a powerful but eclectic bunch of women offer each other such an energetic, non competitive and mutually supportive atmosphere.

Carol Reay

Odgers Berndtson, Partner

WACL is unique. Serious and fun all at the same time. Proving how supportive of one another successful women really are.

Breffni Walsh


WACL is simply unique. A club of amazingly talented women who make the time not only to give something back to their industry, but also to the wider community. A big society approach if ever there was one,

Alison Dow

During my 20+ years as a member of Wacl I have had endless support, friendship and fun with the most intelligent and generous people you could ever meet of any gender and in any walk of life. You get out of life what you put into it and Waclers do just that.

Annette King

Publicis Groupe UK, CEO

Andria Vidler

Centaur Media Plc, CEO

Offers the best opportunity to continually learn, be inspired, seek advice and exchange industry gossip over a glass of wine!

Amanda Walsh

Artdirectyourlife, Managing Partner

WACL is great because you can meet, learn from, and make friends with, the most influential women in our industry.

Amanda Rendle

Various - Tesco Bank, Portfolio NED -various

As a relatively new member of WACL I have found the depth of knowledge and support amazing. The network is incredible and has a great focus on the talent of the future.

Ali Large

Let's Talk FRESH Ltd, Managing Partner

Wacl friends are friends for life and however bad things might get at work or otherwise, they are always there!

Alicja Lesniak

Women in business at their best: mutual friendship and support ...and also the greatest organisers of both glamorous parties and the incredibly inspiring Gather and Workshops, demonstrating an entrepreneurial can do attitude that explains why they are women in business at their best