About WACL Gather Last Updated: Jan 23, 2020

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As success is rarely achieved alone, this year for WACL Gather 2020, we are focusing on what women can achieve when we work together, combining our skills, our energies, our optimism and our ambition.

Our speakers include Sandy Hennis and Sophie Montagne from Polar Performance, the first all-women team to use muscle power alone to ski across Antarctica. And, as well as social entrepreneurs, prominent industry leaders and the perennially popular speed mentoring with WACL volunteers, we are building on one of last year’s most valued sessions, with live coaching from Deborah Narder-Fenwick from the Fast Forward Group.

Every year over 500 women in the marketing, media and creative industries gather for this unparalleled day of training, inspiration and new connections, and their feedback on the impact on their careers and their contribution at work is incredible.

Our 2019 event.

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