WACL History History of WACL – 1940s Last Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Key Events

  • War in Europe ends 1945
  • War in the Far East ends 1946
  • National Health established 1948
  • Polo mints launched

The early 1940s were, of course, a very challenging time for everyone, WACL included.

One potential member’s invitation to become a member was deferred, as the Committee had learned that she was to be ‘called up’. Another member wrote to apologise for her recent non-attendance at meetings, giving her reason as “2,000 troops have recently been bivouacked in the field next to my house, and so my time has been spent running the WRVS canteen”.

Those still able to attend meetings, established committees to discuss such important matters as: “the most useful way of putting women behind the war effort”.

Once the war was over on all fronts, WACL projects included research into “a woman’s place in industry”, but the serious post-war mood of the nation, together with ongoing rationing, meant that there were no Balls or expensive functions at all during this period.