WACL History History of WACL – 1950s Last Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Key Events

  • Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II
  • Rationing finally ended 1954
  • Commercial TV launched
  • Alec Issigoni’s Mini appeared on the roads
  • Stork margarine appears

WACL was finally able to re-establish its social programme by the early 1950s. By the time of its Ball to celebrate the Coronation in 1953, WACL had already established what has proved to be a long standing tradition of holding its main functions at The Savoy.

Such an enduring relationship has been blessed by many a President, when confronted with seemingly Herculean tasks, such as how to fit in another table at a sold-out dinner, when a member has arrived, with a full table of guests, only to find that she had forgotten to book any seats at all!