WACL History History of WACL – 1960s Last Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Key Events

  • First Man in Space
  • The Beatles phenomenon
  • Swinging Sixties
  • Concorde’s first flight
  • Angel Delight launched

By the 1960’s, the progress of women’s ’emancipation’ was reflected in a number of WACL members having made it as far as management positions in top agencies such as WS Crawford, Saward Baker & SH Benson.

In 1961, the list of members included a Mrs A Wilkie, “Export Sales Representative” for Elizabeth Arden, and in 1964, our list of Associate Members included a Mrs J. Savage, Managing Director of ‘Savage Transformers’ (relationship to the comms industry unknown!) who could be reached by telephone at Devizes 932.

In 1968, the Vice President’s project was stated to be the production of a ‘pamphlet’ entitled “Careers for Women in Advertising”.

In 1969 WACL welcomed as its speaker ‘the Right Honourable John Stonehouse MP; Postmaster General”, who informed members & guests that the Post Office’s spend on its telecommunications business had increased from £86,000 in 1966-7 to £960,000 in 1968-9: with the objective of encouraging customers to use their telephone more often, as some never made outgoing calls at all.

He also explained that, during their recent pitch process, 4 agencies had been nominated by staff and then he had chosen another 3 “after reminding myself of reputable names by looking through the London Classified Telephone Directory”.

Also in 1969, minutes from the Vice President’s Committee included the following:

“In order to increase the prestige of the Women’s Advertising Club of London and women in advertising positions generally, it was recommended that Managing Directors, and their wives, of important agencies should be guests at our dinners. The President readily agreed to this suggestion and will be commenting on the success of this idea in her report”


“Your President, Mrs Pamela Finsberg feels that (a VIP luncheon) would be the best way of introducing our new President to persons of equal status”.