Become a WACL member to bring gender equality to our industry

What is WACL and why should I become a member?

Who we are

We are an active club of influential women in marketing, commercial media,  advertising and communications  industries. We are purpose driven – our aim is to accelerate gender equality for the benefit of all. As leaders, we are determined to use our power and influence to change our own workplaces, in the work that we do, and the communities we operate in. As a Club, we come together to support each other, to learn from each other, and to form lasting relationships and friendships.

What we believe

Our goal is to effect change. To create working places and a society where everyone has the same access, opportunity, experience and recognition to succeed in life. We believe everyone’s contribution should be valued and respected to create cultures of belonging in our workplaces. We advocate for transparent reporting, candour amongst ourselves and embrace and support women in all life stages. To do this, we recognise that for all of us to be equal, those women who are further ahead than others must use their privilege to help lift others up.

What we do

We campaign for change to drive gender equality and 2023 marked our centenary and the launch of our 50% CEO campaign and ‘Represent Me’ – our cross platform campaign to improve the representation of women.    . Recent campaigns have been developed to promote Flexible Working, to close the Gender Pay Gap, and to eradicate sexual harassment in our industry via our support for timeTo.  We inspire our members with thought leadership events and give them opportunities to meet their peers and broaden their networks. We support women in the industry via sponsorship, training and mentorship.  And we fundraise for industry charities for the benefit of all, including the WACL Talent Awards where we award bursaries to the female leaders of the future. 



Applicants should expect to hear in April. 

Who can join WACL?

WACL is a club for senior women leaders and we welcome women from across the advertising and communications industry, from all nations and regions of the UK. As the industry is growing and diversifying, so too is our membership. We would love to hear from you whether you are the founder of a new start-up, whether you’re at the forefront of the data or technology that is transforming our industry, whether you work in marketing,  advertising, production or customer experience. And, of course, our community of women who work brand-side as  marketers,  in media owners or in agencies continues to grow. .

Whatever your role, to be considered for membership, you will already need to be a highly respected woman in your field, for instance, held an executive position/be a founder/ be on the board/executive management team (CEO/MD, CMO/Marketing Director, Founding Partner, CCO/ECD, Chief Revenue Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Data Officer, etc.), or the department within a business, that is involved in the creation, execution or evaluation of advertising, marketing communications and media. If you are not quite yet at the right level for membership, there are many other female groups within the industry with whom we actively partner with and support.  We are happy to advise on this and to stay connected should joining the club be part of your plan over the next few years. 

What are we looking for?

Our mantra as a club is ‘stronger me, stronger we’. As members of WACL, we are united by the conviction that we are each better because we are together. We all contribute, every day in a multitude of ways and equally we all gain from the friendship and support of the Club.

As such, we want our members to be active, to lean in and to use their influence in their own businesses to make a difference.

We want our members to be active participants in the club’s activities, events and campaigns, and to be proud advocates of WACL to further increase our collective sphere of influence.  Everyone who joins WACL (new or established members) gets the most out of it through participation.  

We want our members to positively check and challenge what we are doing and where we are going.



How do I apply?

You can apply through the website by following the link below and completing the application form. We have the option to submit a video application or a written one.  Please take time with your application and give us sufficient detail to help us understand who you are, why you’re keen to join WACL and your commitment to gender equality.

You will need to be endorsed by an existing member:  This member shouldn’t be someone who you work with, either directly or commercially but they should know you well enough to be able to write a recommendation on your behalf. These members will then act as your buddy to speed integration, should you become a member.

Fees:  Current Annual Membership costs:  £447.00 *inc. VAT (as of 1st August 2023)

Key dates for your calendar

18 January 2024- Meet and greet evening for prospective members (booking information here)

6 February 2024 – Applications close

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