How to be a Flexible First organisation

If you missed How to be a Flexible First organisation, you can access the webinar recording in full on the Zoom link here, or watch the individual presentations and interviews below. The event was curated by Deborah Parkes and chaired by Catherine Becker, with the Flexible First campaign shared by Mel Exon, and interviews conducted by Jenny Varley and Su-Mei Thompson, all members of WACL’s Campaigning committee 2020/21.

Discover more

  • WACL’s Campaigning hub: Find out more about where, how and why WACL campaigns
  • Why Flexible First: why WACL is campaigning for flexible working to be the norm and the business case for why your organisation should be #FlexibleFirst
  • Why the Future of Work is #FlexibleFirst: Our second Flexible First event explored the new questions being asked about retaining talent and how to achieve the diversity and inclusion goals in a hybrid or remote setting. 

About the author

Mel Exon
Mel Exon
Portfolio Non-Exec Director
WACL Campaigning Chair 2021/22
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