Campaigning to accelerate gender equality for all

A woman, Nicola Mendelsohn, wearing a purple sleeveless dress, is shaking the hand of a man, Sadiq Khan, who wears a black jacket & tie with a white shirt. Both are smiling and looking directly to camera.
Nicola Mendelsohn & Sadiq Khan meet to discuss pay gap reporting ©BronacMcNeill

Why WACL campaigns

WACL is campaigning to accelerate gender equality for the benefit of all, in the areas proven to have the greatest impact for our industries. 

Our goal as leaders is to affect long term change: identifying opportunities and barriers to gender equality, and working with our allies to drive action.

50% CEOs aims to increase representation in the iconic leadership role. 2023 is WACL’s centenary year, but despite 100 years of progress women won’t reach equality in the top job until 2060. Our ask to the industry is use our 5 levers of change to accelerate progress so we hit our 50% target within 22 years.

Flexible First asks businesses to become #FlexibleFirst, which will help keep women in work for longer and close the gender pay gap;

timeTo, the campaign to end sexual harassment, in partnership with NABS and the Advertising Association.

RepresentMe is our rallying cry to the industry for more authentic representation of women and girls in advertising.

WACL campaigning in action

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WACL wants half of industry CEOs to be women

WACL President Rania Robinson sets out the case for our 50% CEO campaign

Take the timeTo training

Take the timeTo training and help end sexual harassment in our industry

A Little Less Conversation Please!

On International Women’s Day, author and WACL member Lori Meakin, calls for a little more action and a little less conversation 

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