New in 2022: Flexible First Checklist

We are a WACL Flexible First Organisation 2022/23 Checklist mark

What makes an organisation #FlexibleFirst? Check your progress with WACL’s self-assessment tool and find out if your organisation qualifies for a Flexible First Standard or Leadership Mark:

Just click ‘Start’ on the live form above to assess your progress. And if you would like to download a pdf copy of the WACL Flexible First Checklist in full, you can do so here:

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#FlexibleFirst Checklist announced as All In ‘action on gender’

27.01.22: Kate Waters launches our Flexible First Checklist at Renew 2022 in partnership with All In as their ‘action on gender’.

Why Flexible First

Discover why WACL is campaigning for flexible working and the business case for why your organisation should be #FlexibleFirst.

Flexible First and the Future of Work

New questions are being asked about retaining talent and how to achieve the diversity and inclusion goals in a hybrid or remote setting. How best to answer them?

Download the Flexible First Toolkit

This toolkit looks at the business case for flexible working, the possible hurdles (and how to address them) and – most importantly – how to get started.

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