Campaigning to close the gender pay gap and accelerate gender equality

Female speaking at WACL Gather 2019

Providing tools and actionable advice to help close pay gaps

Following a successful campaign to reinstate Gender Pay Gap reporting and the news that the EHRC are looking to instate Ethnicity and Disability Pay Gap reporting too, we created a toolkit to help businesses use the data they report to best effect and hosting a IWD debate sharing the experience of WACL leaders and allies. Please do download and/or share the toolkit below.

Measuring the Gender Pay Gap and why it matters

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Measuring The Pay Gap And Why WACL Are Still Making Waves About Reporting
Flexible working helps close the gender pay gap

This article by Sara Tate, WACL Leader, argues the UK ad sector can tackle the gap in earnings between men and women by offering flexible working.

What does Rishi Sunak’s autumn budget mean for marketers?

WACL Leader, Karen Fraser, writes for the Drum about the Chancellor’s budget as a stark reminder of the long road ahead in fixing the gender pay gap

timeTo training

Take the timeTo training: help end sexual harassment in our industry

New in 2022: Flexible First Checklist

What makes an organisation #FlexibleFirst? Check your progress with our Flexible First Checklist and find out if your organisation qualifies for a Flexible First Standard or Leadership mark.

Reinstating Gender Pay Gap Reporting (and why it’s important)
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