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Effective Parenting workshop – Monday 31 January 2011

Jan 31, 2011

Effective Parenting

It was clear from our recent WACL workshop on Work Life Balance that working in the media industry can present specific challenges for working parents. So, we were delighted when Linda Stevens of The Parent Practice Media offered to run a workshop on this subject to contribute to the 2011 WACL workshop programme.  Melissa Hood, Founder, The Parent Practice and Elaine Halligan, UK Director, The Parent Practice will also be part of the line-up of speakers.

The Parent Practice Media is run by a team with an ex media industry professional in partnership with specially trained parenting experts. They specialize in positive parenting courses designed to improve parenting skills and to create harmony at home. Their vision is to help working parents achieve equal success at home and in the workplace and to create the work-life balance they aspire to.

What people say about The Parent Practice Media:

"Trying to juggle a full-time role with children is tough and can sometimes become an impossibility, so to have advice, insight and support from professional practitioners can only be helpful and at times a lifeline. By re-directing your energies into your daily job a commercial output will definitely be delivered to your employer" 

Linda Smith, Executive Chairwoman, Radio Advertising Bureau, former CEO Starcom and mother of three.

Workshop outline:

As a working parent you need to know that life is going smoothly at home and your children are flourishing if you are to be able to concentrate and do your best at work. You don't want be worried about your children when at work and you probably don’t want to be in the role of ‘sergeant major’, barking instructions and ending up in disputes with your kids when you’re with them. You probably want your children to be cooperative and happy and thriving and for the time spent at home to be harmonious.

An independent survey showed that 90% of working parents find balancing work and family life stressful and difficulties at home can impact on job performance and satisfaction. Results showed that a large proportion of the respondents welcomed employer supported parenting initiatives targeted at helping their staff achieve success both at home and in the workplace.  

As working parents it is common to be beset with guilt. You may worry that your child is not getting the best from you. This workshop will address really effective and practical ways that you as a working parent can help your children feel good about themselves so that their confidence, motivation and behaviour improve.  Confident, happy children are willing to do their best, are resilient and are not afraid to try new things.  They develop a positive ‘can-do’ attitude and look for solutions.  The speakers, all working parents themselves, will show you practical techniques, things to do and say, that you can use to help foster a positive, trusting bond with your children that facilitates cooperation and communication.

The workshop will cover:

  • Engaging with your child so s/he wants to listen to you
  • Motivating your child
  • Boosting your child’s self-esteem
  • Encouraging your child to try hard and to persevere
  • Setting things up so that your child is more likely to succeed

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Jan 31, 2011
7:00 pm– 9:00 pm