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Feb 11, 2014 – 7:00 pm

The format of the NED Interest group events are members-only interactive lunches or breakfast for 10 to 15 WACLers where one or two panellists (WACL or external) are invited to offer their reflections on how to be an effective Non-Executive Director / Trustee, share tips how they approached these roles and the challenges they have faced securing these appointments in the first place.  These events are 90 minutes long and are held in a central London location hosted by a WACL member.

Our next NED event will be held on Tuesday 11 February from 8:30 to 10:00 at Deloitte Academy, Stonecutter Court, 1 Stonecutter Street, London EC4A 4TR​.

The theme for this session will be: "Networking for NEDs" and speakers for this session will be: 

  • Francesca Ecsery: Non-Executive Director and WACL member:

WACL member since 1996 Francesca is now NED but used to be an MD/General Manager with 23 years’ experience in both blue chip companies and start-ups in the Digital / Retail / FMCG / Leisure industries. Special expertise in multi-platform consumer Marketing, Branding and Commercial strategies which deliver growth and profits. Recently built a NED portfolio in a diverse range of listed companies from Foreign & Colonial Investment Trust to Good Energy Group. Previous executive experience includes McKinsey, PespiCo, ThornEMI, Thomas Cook, STA Travel, Cheapflights Media and many other consumer brands. Francesca has a Harvard MBA and speaks several languages.

  • Greg Wood:  Sales and Marketing Director for Boardex :

BoardEx is the leader in the emerging field of Relationship Capital Management (RCM). Relationship capital is the sum of an organization's employees' relationships. This valuable, but historically under-utilised source of capital, is how an organisation connects to the marketplace. BoardEx enables organisations to, for the first time, leverage the value of this resource. 

Since 2000 a blue chip client list, numbering over 250 of the top investment banks, management consultants, lawyers, Business Process Outsourcing firms and multi-national corporations have become subscribers to our services. Unlike single user social network websites, BoardEx is a proprietary institutional platform intended for organizations offering high value products and services. 

BoardEx has built an enviable reputation for building (and critically maintaining) the most accurate, in-depth, and reliable profiles of the world's most influential individuals, consisting primarily of those running the largest organisations globally. Using unique algorythms BoardEx identifies how these individuals are connected to each other and ultimately how your company can exploit these connections in order to reach people you don’t know, through the people you do.

If you are interested in attending this event, please let Francesca know on Francesca@ecsery.com. This event is free of charge and places are limited to 15 so it is first come first serve basis.