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Workshop – Managing the Tipping Point of Pressure

Feb 04, 2013

It’s no secret that today we all live and work in a high pressure environment. In the advertising industry, pressure is a given: it’s what we sign up for, it’s the way we work, and for many of us, it’s a creative force that helps us perform at our best. But when pressure becomes unmanageable, it leads to stress – one of the biggest issues facing the British economy today, with £100bn lost every year through stress related-illness. With more awareness of the impact of stress than ever before, why is it still such a workplace taboo? And when the stakes are high, what steps can we take to manage stress before it affects our health?

For many women the dual pressures of home and work – the strain of striking a sustainable balance and the fear of seeming weak or incompetent in either sphere – stops them from talking openly about stress and seeking help for the unexpected ways it can impact on your personal and professional life. Recognising the signs early and learning practical coping strategies is the first step to addressing stress head on and even learning how to use it to our advantage.

Join us for a frank and open discussion at our next WACL workshop where we’ll hear from women at the top of their game and discuss what it takes, how they cope, and the changes we can all make to effectively manage ourselves in an increasingly demanding environment.

The panel will include:

  • Zoe Osmond, Chief Executive, NABS (Workshop chair)
  • Camilla Harrison, Chief Operating Officer, M&C Saatchi Group
  • Lee Leggett, Chief Executive, Dare
  • Stevie Spring, Chairman, BBC Children in Need




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Feb 4, 2013
7:00 pm– 9:00 pm