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Workshop – Managing Your Own Brand

Apr 15, 2013

When Posh Spice famously said 'I want to be more famous than Persil Automatic' few understood like she instinctively did – the power of your personal brand can be key to professional success.

We work in an industry that specialises in creating, managing and harnessing famous brands, and yet when it comes to thinking about our own personal brand we tend to be a little less strategic.  

At our next WACL workshop we want to dive under the bonnet of building a personal brand and explore how we can deliver an ‘always-on’ message of consistent quality. How do we create a brand that will give ourselves the best possible chance of fulfilling our potential and achieving our goals? What messages are we sending out and are they building or damaging our brand? 

We’ll explore key principles to help you be more relevant, more credible and uniquely differentiated for your target audience.

You will hear from 4 senior industry women who will pass on tips and advice on how they built and now manage their own extraordinary personal brands – what worked, what didn’t and how paying attention to their profile and brand has led to greater professional success.

The fantastic panel will include:

  • Jane Assher, Founding Partner, 23red ( Chair)
  • Amanda Mackenzie, Chief Marketing Officer, Aviva
  • Judy Mitchem, Managing Director, CMO, Ogilvy Group
  • Priscilla Rogan, Media Director, Chanel
  • Suki Thompson , Founding Partner, OysterCatchers



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Apr 15, 2013
7:00 pm– 9:00 pm