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Workshop – Work/Life Blend10 June 2013

Jun 10, 2013

“Work-life balance is dead: long live the work-life blend.”

  • The beauty of having a job in marketing communications is that your whole life is invaluable R&D, so why not make the most of a work-life blend?
  • Seeing a dichotomy between work and life pits the one against the other and trying to compartmentalise your life just adds to the stress.
  • Work/life blend is all about eliminating the artificial delineation between home and office life (not only, but especially for women)
  • It’s not about full time vs. part time but about waking hours on the business case, not just working hours.
  • Technology enables this – 15 minutes on client work, then a coffee break to welcome Ocado and on to a conference call with Brazil.  It’s a much more effective utilization of the hours and minimises the down time.
  • New technologies are making remote working seamless and ‘presenteeism’ – or the need to be seen in the office – is becoming less of an issue as people focus on deliverables.
  • Cutting out unnecessary travel and commuting could save most people a day a week, to say nothing of the cost and rush-hour angst.
  • Being able to structure your working week to be there for the three stakeholders in your life (colleagues, friends, family) will keep you and them far happier.

You will hear from a number of senior industry women who will pass on tips and advice on how they manage to blend work and life – what works, what doesn’t and how paying attention to this leads to greater professional success.

Our fantastic panel will include:

  • Caitlin Ryan, Executive Creative Director, Proximity London
  • Jo Hagger, VP Marketing, SapientNitro
  • Philippa Brown, CEO, Omnicom Media Group
  • Katrina Lowes, Vice President, Global Marketing Programs, Siemens Enterprise Communications
  • Zoe Howorth, GB Market Activation Director, Coca Cola Great Britain


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Jun 10, 2013
7:00 pm– 9:00 pm