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New Members Social Event

For those who joined WACL in the last 18 monthsSpecially for newer members this will be structured social session for us all to get to know each other better. A …


WACL members only session on Gender Pay Gap

WACL Working group on Workplace Equality was created at the last AGM to enable Waclers to be better champions of gender balance. The WACL Working group on Workplace Equality was …


WACL Members only – Lovers of the written word unite!

Lovers of the written word (especially when it’s about gender equality) unite! WACL-er Kathryn Jacob takes questions about all things ‘Belonging’ - the highs, the lows and a reading of …


Business, Measuring The Pay Gap And Why WACL Are Still Making Waves About Reporting

Online via Zoom

Following the recent success of our campaign to reinstate Gender Pay Gap reporting and the news that the EHRC is looking to instate Ethnicity and Disability Pay Gap reporting by the end of the year too, we’re delighted to say we’re taking the next step immediately with an online WACL debate on International Women’s Day.