Lifting up and supporting wonderful female leaders

WACL, Festival of talent, 18May2023, Photographer BronacMcNeill

The next generation of female talent

WACL is passionately committed to supporting, lifting and inspiring our wonderful next generation of female talent. In the world we now inhabit we need to see different leadership attributes and archetypes as there is sadly a fundamental disconnect between the leadership style that is needed to change the world and the type of leaders running the world now. We support our next generation of female leaders through a number of initiatives – Talent Awards., Talent Sessions (including Events and Mentoring) and our annual Festival of Talent.

Supporting talent in action

Festival of Talent

WACL’s Festival of Talent is a day of inspiration and provocation. In 2022 our theme will be “Next Generation Leadership’

Talent Sessions Mentoring

WACL Talent Sessions is an initiative comprised of Mentoring and Events which are designed to empower the next generation of female leaders by providing support, advice, and inspiration to help women fulfil their true potential, and accelerate the momentum towards gender equality.

WACL Talent Awards

WACL’s Talent Awards rewards the most impressive female talent in the industry with a training bursary to support them on their journey to leadership.

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