Content Pending Review Brief Last Updated: Sep 22, 2021

New Pages

  1. Topic (keyword) 1/2 words
  2. Title: 1-10 words – includes the topic/ keyword if possible
  3. Featured image:
    • Width min 800px;
    • short image description
  4. Post content:
    • May include smaller images; include a short description (3-4 words)
    • The text must be supplied in editable format. Please avoid images with a large amount of text content. PDF’s usually require additional formatting
    • use Headings and paragraphs to separate content;
    • may include links, YouTube videos, Forms, Image Galleries, A blog feed with a specific topic,
  5. Excerpt:
    • 1-paragraph introduction
    • If not included. The post will use the first paragraph from the content section
    • Optionally, you may Include additional excerpt or featured images for social media platforms

    Homepage Carousel

    1. Topic
    2. Background image:
      • A text is usually applied over the image. Choose a simple image, predominantly dark or predominantly light. High-quality images preferred min 1200px.
      • You may choose a background colour instead
    3. Title: short
    4. Summary: Short sentence summarising the topic
    5. Call to action (button):
      • Text: What should the call to action say (“Get involved”, “Read More”)
      • Link: What is the CTA pointing to

      Video Files

      1. Topic
      2. Title: Short and descriptive
      3. Description: 1 paragraph
      4. Cover image: matches video aspect ratio, short image description

        Changes to Existing Content

        • Identify Page/Post: Title and URL
        • Status:
          • Unpublish
          • Pending (unpublish, but keep the private content for future use)
        • Access:
          • members only
          • public
          • private ( management only)
        • Meta:
          • Topic: A new topic usually requires a new post/page, instead of editing the current one.
          • Title / URL: A new title usually implies a new URL. Please specify your preference.
          • Featured image:
            • Width min 800px;
            • short image description
        • Content
          • Option 1: Copy entire page content, edit where necessary, and send back entire revised content to replace the old.
          • Option 2: clearly specify which sections/words need to be moved/removed entirely / replaced with new sections / new sections added.
          • Option 3: Screenshot page, markdown areas/text