At WACL, one of the aims of the club is to provide inspiration and aspiration for younger women in our industry. We do this in lots of ways, the most tangible being Gather, our one-day training event which happens every May, as well as through Gatherings, a series of workshops which run throughout the year on topics or issues affecting women in the communications industry. And of course there’s the Future Leader’s Fund (FLF), a training bursary for women in the industry to help enhance their career success. Details on all of these can be found in the Events section of this website.

It’s just one of the ways we want to connect with more women, more consistently and make WACL more accessible. And ultimately to do what we can to improve the disappointing stats of women in senior positions in our industry – currently women only occupy 25% of the most senior positions yet at entry level, they make up 57% of the intake.

This year, under our theme of ‘Speak Up’, we want to widen our reach and touch more women in the industry. So this page of our website is designed to bring this to life in a more tangible way; to act as a ‘ hub’ for women in the industry to get inspiration, ideas and to connect with other women’s groups in the industry. Over time we hope to develop this page to become more interactive but for now we hope you find it of interest and use.