Celebrating 100 years of women in advertising & communications leadership

WACL's first President, Marion Lyons and our 100th, Rania Robinson
WACL members at Coronation Ball, WACL archive at History of Advertising Trust
WACL members at Coronation Ball. WACL Archive at History of Advertising Trust

2023 is WACL’s Centenary year

WACL has a rich 100 year history of championing gender equality in advertising and communications, set against the fascinating backdrop of the 20th Century.

In our centenary year, we will be remembering the industry trailblazers who founded WACL and their impact on the industry. We will be looking to the future with a campaign to ensure better representation of women in advertising. And we will – of course – be finding time to capture the collective wisdom of the brilliant women in WACL and celebrate with a party or two…

1924 portrait of WACL's first President Marion Jean Lyon marking WACL's 100 year history. Advertisers Weekly Archive at History of Advertising Trust


WACL is founded. First President is Marion Jean Lyon, the advertising manager of Punch, Britain’s pre-eminent satirical magazine.

Ethel Wood, WACL's 3rd President, Samson Clark archive at History of Advertising Trust’ HAT21/336/1


Ethel Wood, a Renaissance woman of “wide interests, boundless energy and a diverse network”, and with an OBE for her work on the 1917 Pensions Committee, becomes third President.

1925 Portrait of Jessie Reynolds, first female president of NABs, Samson Clark archive at History of Advertising Trust


WACL founder member Jessie Reynolds, becomes the first woman advertising agency director in this country and the first woman President of NABS.

Sir William Crawford, KBG Founder of Crawford's Advertising. IPA Archive at History of Advertising Trust.


“I never think of men and women in separate categories… whoever does the job best can have it.” William Crawford, London’s most influential adman, lays down a progressive marker.

1936 portrait of Margaret Havinden, WACL archive at History of Advertising Trust


Margaret Havinden (nee Sangster), who was at the forefront of the boom in fashion advertising, becomes President.

1939 letter to all WACL members explaining how the club will be put on a 'war footing'


At an Extraordinary General Meeting, WACL members vote to continue despite the outbreak of war – with a new focus on charitable work.

Amy Pearce, WACL President. WACL archive at History of Advertising Trust


Audrey Deans and Amy Pearce (pictured), both WACL Presidents, lobby MPs on a range of social justice issues, including a campaign for equal pay

1950 Portrait of Mary Gowing Advertiser's Weekly archive at History of Advertising Trust


Mary Gowing becomes President. She created services recruitment campaigns, then, after the war, ads for the nascent NHS.

Olive Hirst, Vice-Chair, Publicity Club of London, first woman Fellow of IPA, and from 1950, the first woman MD of leading advertising agency Sells, WACL President 1959. WACL archive at History of Advertising Trust


Pioneering adwoman Olive Hirst (in 1950 the first woman Managing Director of a leading advertising agency, Sells) is elected WACL President.

Iris Franklin, WACL President, fellow of the IPA, the Institute of Directors and treasurer of NABs. WACL archive at History of Advertising Trust.


Iris Franklin, President in 1961-62, was hugely influential. She was an IPA and Institute of Directors Fellow, a Freeman of the City of London and treasurer of NABS.

Portrait of Patricia Mann, WACL President, 1971-2. WACL archive at History of Advertising Trust


WACL President Patricia Mann OBE, publishes a WACL sponsored book: “150 Careers in Advertising, with equal opportunities for men and women”

Letter to WACL from Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister, dated April 1983 congratulating the club on their DIamond Jubilee. WACL Archive at History of Advertising Trust


The entire WACL membership attends a dinner at 10 Downing Street, hosted by the Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher.

Joan Barrell, WACL archive at History of Advertising Trust.


WACL introduces Honorary Memberships – the first is legendary consumer magazine magician, Joan Barrell, ex IPC and Nat Mags.

Marilyn Baxter


A ground-breaking study, “Women in Advertising,” produced by Saatchi & Saatchi’s Director of Planning and WACL member, Marilyn Baxter, is published

Carol Reay, WACL President 1995-6 and the first woman to have her name above the door of an ad agency


Carol Reay, WACL President and the first woman to have her name above the door of an ad agency, Mellors Reay & Partners

Stevie Spring


WACL’s first ever conference, held at the ICA, promoted under a “Making the Most of Your Career” strapline, it featured a glittering array of speakers including WACL’s Stevie Spring

Debbie Klein


Debbie Klein (a WACL President later in the decade) produces “Women in Advertising: Ten Years on” a follow-up to Marilyn Baxter’s report.

Tess Alps


Launch of WACL’s Future Leaders Award. Overseen by Tess Alps in her Presidential year (and now The Talent Awards), the scheme gives bursaries to promising women for training.

Rosie Arnold


Multi-awarded creative and WACL member Rosie Arnold becomes D&AD’s first female President since its launch in 1962.

Francesca Ecsery


WACL launches a NED and trustee scheme, run by Francesca Ecsery. Members come together to hear from experienced NEDs and search consultants.

Kerry Glazer, WACL President who redefined WACL's purpose to focus on accelerating gender equality


In a landmark article for Campaign, President Kerry Glazer reveals that, following a membership vote WACL is to become a more overtly campaigning organisation.

timeTo launch 2018 AA President’s Reception


A collaboration between WACL, the Advertising Association and NABS, backed by the IPA and ISBA, leads to timeTo, an initiative combatting sexual harassment in advertising and marketing.

Rania Robinson, WACL President 2022-3


President Rania Robinson and WACL’s members, now almost 300 strong, will celebrate the club’s centenary with a campaign, events, endorsements from patrons, podcasts and more.

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