Website Brief Templates Last Updated: Mar 27, 2021

New Pages

  1. Title: 1-10 words – includes the topic/ keyword if possible
  2. Featured image:
    • Width min 800px;
    • short image description
  3. Post content:
    • Copy: The text must be supplied in editable format. Please avoid images with a large amount of text content.
      • Use Headings and paragraphs to separate content
    • Images: May include smaller images; include a short description (3-4 words)
    • Video Files
      • Video Title: Short and descriptive
      • Video Description: 1 paragraph
      • Video Cover image: matches video aspect ratio, short image description
  4. Excerpt:
    • 1-paragraph introduction If not included. The post will use the first paragraph from the content section. Optionally, you may Include separate excerpt or featured images for different social media platforms.

    Homepage Carousel

    1. Title: short
    2. Summary: Short sentence summarising the topic
    3. Call to action (button):
      • Text: What should the call to action say (“Get involved”, “Read More”)
      • Link: What is the CTA pointing to
    4. Background (image or color):
      • A text is usually applied over the image. Choose a simple image, predominantly dark or predominantly light. High-quality images preferred min 1200px.
      • You may choose a background colour instead

    Changes to Existing Content

    • Identify Page/Post: Title and URL
    • Status:
      • Unpublish
      • Pending (unpublish, but keep the private content for future use)
    • Access:
      • members only
      • public
      • private ( management only)
    • Meta:
      • Topic: A new topic usually requires a new post/page, instead of editing the current one.
      • Title / URL: A new title usually implies a new URL. Please specify your preference.
      • Featured image:
        • Width min 800px;
        • short image description
    • Content
      • Option 1: Copy entire page content, edit where necessary, and send back entire revised content to replace the old.
      • Option 2: clearly specify which sections/words need to be moved/removed entirely / replaced with new sections / new sections added.
      • Option 3: Screenshot page, markdown areas/text