Be mentored by four experienced and supportive WACL leaders

Two WACL members, Sarah Tate and Lisa Thomas, who take part in our talent mentoring initiative
WACL, Festival of talent, 18May2023, Photographer BronacMcNeill

Our Talent Mentoring Programme is a national initiative that involves over 100 WACL members gifting their time to support the next generation of female leaders.

Here you have the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the UK’s most experienced, insightful and inspiring women, sharing with utter candour and wisdom their own personal experiences and life lessons. The Mentors provide professional and emotional support as well as an independent perspective that is invaluable in helping mentees identify and champion their potential. It is a brilliant example of women lifting up other women, at many different points in their career. This programme is open to women across the country who are mid to senior level in their careers.

Tickets have sold fast for this round. If you’d like to reserve your place for the March – June 24 mentoring, please sign up below.

Hear some of the stories of our mentees

Who are the mentors?

Around 100 WACL members volunteer their time to take part in the talent mentoring programme. Past mentors have included Kate Waters, Fiona Parashar, Lisa Thomas, Rania Robinson, Amelia Torode and many other high profile women working in advertising and communication.

How does the talent mentoring programme work?

When you apply, you will be matched with 4 mentors and will meet each of them once, for one hour, making a total of four monthly sessions.

Can I choose my mentors?

No, we will match you with four women whose experience and expertise we think will be relevant to you.

Does the talent mentoring programme run all year?

We run two series of talent mentoring each year, one from September to December and the other from March to June. The next series will start in March 2023.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the talent mentoring programme is £100, or £50 for sole traders.

What happens to the profit you make from the mentoring programme?

All the profits from the talent mentoring programme are given to charity – either NABs or the WACL Talent Awards.

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