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Creators Trina Nicole,Lucy Edwards, Ellen Jones, Jamelia Donaldson and WACL members Chloe Davies and Selma Nicholls, sit around a table having an animated discussion about representation in advertising as part of WACL's RepresentMe campaign

WACL are launching our new RepresentMe campaign in partnership with Pinterest, Snap, and Youtube, advocating for enhanced representation of all women in advertising. Collaborating with marketing agency Billion Dollar Boy, the campaign showcases four influential creators engaging in candid dialogues about the significance of representation for themselves and their communities.

WACL’s purpose is to accelerate gender equality in the advertising and communications industries. This goal encompasses not only better representation of women in our workplaces but also better representation of women and girls in the work we create. Our 50% Playbook offers tips on improving the representation of women in advertising and encourages us to Work Like the World is Watching.’

Through our Represent Me campaign, we are calling on the advertising industry to take immediate action to improve the representation of all types of women, both on-screen and behind the scenes. Despite ongoing demands from women for better representation in ads for their work, data on gender equality in society indicates that progress is not guaranteed.

What Women Want

Numerous studies, such as IPSOS’s A Woman’s Worth, System 1’s Feeling Seen, and research from the Geena Davis Institute, indicate that women continue to feel inaccurately represented in advertising. Despite the findings of the Unstereotype Alliance’s State of the Industry report, which underscores the importance of acknowledging intersectionality and promoting all kinds of diverse women, statistics confirm that, for instance,  women of colour, lesbians, women with disabilities and midlife women still feel particularly underrepresented. 

Our New Creative Campaign

Our latest campaign, a collaboration with Billion Dollar Boy, Pinterest, Snap and Youtube, spotlights four leading female voices from the creator industry. They emphasise the importance of representing all women authentically, particularly in areas where they are often overlooked or misrepresented. Each of the creators was chosen for her pivotal role in fostering meaningful discussions about female representation across their growing communities on social media.

This latest creative campaign builds on that of our 100th year, where we first launched our #RepresentMe initiative to remind the industry of the importance of more positive and authentic representation of women and girls. Positive representation makes women and girls feel better about themselves, influences how boys and men perceive women and girls, and benefits business outcomes (read more here). We also launched TV, cinema, and OOH ads (with thanks to Dove and ITV Creative), and highlighted other campaigns such as Orange’s la Compil des Bleues and Sainsbury’s Tu and Me, which women and girls told us represented them as they wanted to be seen.

Selma Nicholls and Chloe Davies from the WACL Represent Me committee spoke with creators Trina Nicole, Lucy Edwards, Jamelia Donaldson, and Ellen Jones, exploring their perspectives on representation in advertising. These conversations have been compiled into longer-form films and short clips available on our Youtube Channel.

Watch our #RepresentMe campaign to understand why representation matters

Watch our #RepresentMe campaign to understand why representation matters

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A big thank you to the WACL Represent Me committee, chaired by Leigh Thomas, and its members Caitlin Ryan, Vanella Jackson, Milka Privodanova, Beth Freedman, Jessica Lovell, Selma Nicholls, and Chloe Davies for all their hard work this year in making this campaign happen.


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