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WACL is an industry networking organisation that brings together the most senior female leaders in marketing and communications. Our members are drawn from brands, media owners, advertising and media agencies, and other industry businesses, and our purpose is to accelerate gender equality in communications and marketing. To deliver this we focus on three things:

  • Inspiration
  • Support
  • Campaigning

We provide inspiration to aspiring female talent via Gather, our annual conference, and our quarterly mentoring sessions, and offer training bursaries via our Future Leaders Award to aid women in achieving their potential. We also come together to inspire and help each other and regularly hold prestigious speaker dinner events and activities for the enjoyment of our members and their guests, and in support of our purpose.

We also raise money for NABS, the charity that champions the well-being of our industry’s people.

9th Aug 10:37am

RT @JaneFrostMRS: Just when I thought women of this generation would not suffer the same overt discrimination my generation faced , this su…

9th Aug 10:37am

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7th Aug 2:44pm

RT @FrancesLang11: Here’s one for you @WACL1 - so many Super Women in your membership to nominate - where to start?? The @CatherineAwards c…

24th Jul 9:12am

RT @nicolamen: Research from @SlaterGordonUK has found 28% of managers of UK SMEs would avoid hiring a woman if they had recently become en…

18th Jul 12:02pm

RT @lindsaypattison: ‘At the end of your day tell your daughter about all you have been up to, if you cannot, you have found the line’ via…


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WACL, Future Leaders Award, 27Mar2018, Photographer Bronac McNeill

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NABS is the employee support organisation for the advertising and media industry. nabs.org.uk

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