Be a Women’s Health Hero: A lever for change

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WACL 100, Wisdom Event, 26Apr2023, Photographer BronacMcNeill

Although it is relatively well accepted now that women have more complex health needs throughout their career, these health conditions remain one of the biggest barriers to women progressing. Focussing on inclusive policies and education is key to reducing the stigma and the impact of the health-related barriers women face in the workplace.

In a bid to accelerate this much needed change, WACL is introducing the ‘Be a Women’s Health Hero’ initiative which will address the four main life-changing challenges for women: periods, fertility, maternity and menopause Given the huge business imperative to improve the current situation, WACL are starting with the Menopause and introducing a policy for companies to adopt or use as a practical reference to anything existing, to ensure it is fit for purpose.

WACL 100, Wisdom Event, 26Apr2023, Photographer BronacMcNeill

The ‘Be a Women’s Health Hero’ initiative will help companies work with women to identify the specific health challenges they face in the workplace: ensuring that women feel confident to take the time off they need without fear of being penalised, being vocal about womencentric policies with the whole organisation and training colleagues to be allies. The initiative provides tangible support and action plans for companies; from access to policies like the Menopause, to guidance around communications, to support on how to destigmatise and how to implement behaviour change.

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